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Hernia Repair Surgery

How will I know I have a hernia?

If you have a lump in the groin or abdominal wall you probably have a hernia.

What type of problems can a hernia cause?

Pain, discomfort and inconvenience are common. Rarely the hernia may get stuck and cause strangulation. This is serious and one of the reason to recommend surgery.

What treatments are available?

An operation to repair the hernia is the only effective treatment. This involves insertion of a synthetic mesh to repair the weakness of the muscle in the groin or belly.

How is this operation done?

This can be done by conventional means or by key hole (laparoscopic or minimal access) technique. In my practice, the majority of patients have key hole repair of their hernia. This is called Laparoscopic Repair of Hernia.

What are the advantages of key hole repair of a hernia?

Following the operation, pain is much less, recovery is faster and the risk of continued pain and numbness in the medium and longer term is reduced.
Patients usually leave hospital very quickly and often the same day. However, a general anaesthetic is needed and in some patients it may be inappropriate. This is the reason patients need careful assessment by an expert.

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